About Us

Our Mission

Woof Love Rescue is a foster-based rescue comprised of a team of volunteers committed to helping  homeless, neglected, abused, and forgotten puppies and dogs. Our goal is to place pups in their forever homes to get them the lives they so truly deserve.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”
― Karen Davison

Our Story

A chance meeting with a little black puppy and the founder of the rescue goes back to the very, very beginning! The pup, Roxy girl, turned 6 years old the day our non-profit application was filed. It was that meeting that led Woof Love’s founder to the world of rescue. It is a passion that has grown over the last several years to be what it is today, and seeing first hand the overwhelming need for a lifeline for so many unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals, that has led us to the decision to do more – and Woof Love Rescue has been born!

Each and every member of the team is dedicated to being a voice for the voiceless. Spay and neuter, rescue, foster, adopt… One by one, until there are none. These are all things that will change the course of lives for shelter dogs across the country!

Meet the Team

People want to know who they’re working with. It’s a human thing, or is it? Each one of us has a personal connection to rescue. That connection is a story or probably a certain pup who fuels our passion for rescue. Rescue is definitely a team effort. We are always looking for people to join our team as volunteers, donors, and fosters. Click here to find out about ways to help.

Rose HamiltonFounder & Director

I stumbled into the rescue world completely by chance. Dropping off my youngest son to preschool there was a little black puppy there and I took the opportunity to ask if my toddler could pet the pup. That puppy was a foster puppy and available for adoption. Soon after she came to live with my family. From the day Roxy came home to live with us, my involvement and passion for rescue has grown to what it is today. The years since meeting Roxy and bringing her home, my family has welcomed 3 other pups (Rusty, Teddy & Bear), and many foster pups into our lives on their way to furever homes. Rescue is like breathing to me, I just have to!

Mark HamiltonVice President

I really didn’t find Rescue, it found me. Six years ago, I was minding my own business (isn’t that what usually gets us in trouble!?), when my wife sent me a picture of my then 2-year-old daughter standing next to a puppy hugging and loving on it like nobody’s business! I texted her that she was not playing fair sending me that picture. I had no idea this pup was a rescued foster dog looking for adoption. After talking about the puppy’s story, I agreed to have the puppy come for a visit and we would see. The puppy never left; Roxy joined our family! Shortly after adopting Roxy, we went back to the Rescue to get Roxy a buddy and we met Rusty. Now two dogs richer, I thought about where they came from. What had they been through in their short lives? I wondered the what ifs. What if the Rescue had not found and saved them? Where would they be? Would they still be alive? My wife came to me as I contemplated the “what ifs” and asked if we could foster. With those “what ifs” in my mind I said yes, we can. From there we have become more and more involved from fostering (including 2 foster failures) to joining Animal-Aid on multiple journeys South to save and rescue those who cannot rescue themselves. Out of my family’s rescue journey Woof Love Animal Rescue has been born. When you join our rescue in whatever capability, I do have to warn you – you too may not be looking for Rescue, but it may find you with returns in your life like you may never have had before.

Joyce HoltBoard Member

Bio coming soon!

Steve AglianoBoard Member

I first was introduced to Rescue by adopting my first rescued pup. Every day I stared at him and wondered how someone could just give him up. I followed rescue groups and knew I had to be more involved, which led me to fostering! Everything was supplied, all I needed to supply was love. Every month I would receive a picture of a pup that needed a place to stay until he or she was adopted. They all have different stories and all they need is some love and care. Even though the fosters are only with me a short time until they find their forever families, and even though it is sometimes hard to say goodbye, just knowing they are going to have a great life with someone that has chosen them to be a forever part of their family makes it worth it. I get to see them grow and watch their adventures through updated posts from the adopters. Repeating the process every month brings more and more joy into my life. I work full time and have a lot of hobbies, but rescue is my passion and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tara CorsiBoard Member

Sometimes, the best things in life aren’t planned, they just happen. Several years back, my son was given the task of volunteering his time in a way that was meaningful to him. He knew immediately that he wanted to help dogs, as we have always been a dog-loving family. Together, we began to volunteer our time helping to unload dogs as they completed their freedom ride from Georgia to New Jersey. After just a few short months, our family’s passion for rescue grew exponentially. We began to foster dogs and puppies, have traveled to Georgia on a regular basis with the caravans, and are involved in all aspects of Woof Love Rescue – I’m able to make a difference. As an elementary school teacher, I am so fortunate that I get to share my experiences with my students. Knowing that I have a part in shaping the future of rescue in these children means so much to me. I truly believe that we can’t change what has happened to a dog in the past, but we can make all the difference in the future.

Beth Ann RodgersBoard Member

“If not me, than who?”- Travis Mannion

As a teacher of middle schoolers for the last 20 years, I have spent a majority of time encouraging my students to be responsible, trustworthy, productive citizens. We have studied numerous “regular” people that have done “great” things because they believed in something and wanted to do the right thing or make the world a better place. The world of rescue is full of “regular” people doing “great” things. My love of animals led me to the rescue world where I choose to step up and do what I can. With every foster, with every adoption, I feel like I’m doing my part in being responsible and productive. The furry snuggles and slobbery puppy kisses are definite pluses to my passion. Why do I rescue?  “If not me, than who?”