About the Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in potentially adopting through Woof Love Rescue! Each month we take a selection of dogs and puppies into our private foster homes. Once those dogs arrive into rescue our goal is to allow them to settle into their foster homes, taking time to evaluate their health and temperament and begin to learn what their individual needs might be.  After such time has passed we will list available dogs for adoption on our Facebook page and/or PetFinder platform and will begin accepting applications for those dogs, making potential matches. 

Typically, dogs can be seen listed on our Facebook group page closer to the end of the week of arrival so stay tuned! 

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Adoption Info

·       At this time the rescue is operating within a ONE hour drive time restriction for meets and adoptions. You must live within one hour of our foster homes, most in the SJ area.

·       Whether on Facebook or PetFinder please remember to READ the posts of the puppies – the information needed to apply is   within   those   posts. There is an email address listed for the adoption coordinator you need to contact for/with an application.  Please notice any special requirements that may be listed.  There is always a reason when we list a requirement or restriction, and it is based on each individual dog and their current needs.

·       You only need to submit ONE application – if the dog our pup you are interested in is spoken for/not a match and you see another pup of interest please EMAIL us and let us know.

·       Please be sure to complete your application accurately and filled out completely. Incomplete applications may be discarded. If you need help filling out your application, we have a lot of ways to help you, please email us and ask for help.

·       If you are matched with a pup, you will be notified.

·       If your application is approved, you WILL have had a telephone conversation with the volunteer processing your application.

·       If you have questions, EMAIL that volunteer and we will be happy to help you. Emails helps us track applications, correspondence and inquires. Not everyone will see private messages. We will do our best to respond and update as many as we can, but you may see the update in an adopted or pending post on Facebook for a pet.

About Applications

·       We process applications and match pups based on the needs of the dog therefore it is NOT a first come first served basis.

·       Applications processed first are for dogs that are currently available for adoption.

·       Not all applications received will be processed.  If the dog you requested is not available due to not being a match or has already been spoken for, please continue to watch the Facebook page/petfinder. When you see another pup of interest   EMAIL the volunteer you were working with (if it got that far) or the listed volunteer.  The team of adoption coordinators are in constant communication when necessary.

We know how exciting it is to be looking for a new furry family member. And we know that this is a difficult time for many to adopt as there are so many who now have the time to dedicate to training and care of a pup. We do our best to help as many as we can.

If you have a question, help for dog or want to advertise/fundraise please email or the volunteer you sent your application to. 

To view all of our adoptable puppies, please click the links below. The sites are frequently updated with our adoptable furry friends!

Click Here to View our Facebook Group Page – This is the most often updated page with our adoptable rescues!

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How to Fill Out an Application