Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we have ceased all in-person events until restrictions are lifted and it is safe to host again. We cannot wait to see everyone in person again – stay tuned for some great outings we’re preparing! In the meantime, check out our events below that we’re hosting virtually.

Please visit our Ways to Help page for current ways to support and provide for these rescues in the meantime!

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Transport Day!

Our favorite time of the month.. Woohoo! At least the weather stayed decent for the arrival back to Jersey. 252 lives saved. Bringing the total lives saved to date to 32,545 that is a lot of dedication from the teams in the south and north. Once again a big Thank You to everyone in Georgia who is out rescuing these unwanted pups. And the ones dropped off to you because they are unwanted. Well they are wanted in the North. Thank you so much for caring for them and loving them until Animal Aid was able to make the journey to pick them all up and get them to the receiving rescues to find them new homes. Thanks to everyone involved that makes this happen day in and day out. Once again. We all rock! Now let's find these babies the best forever homes they could ever wish for. View Photos from Transport Day here

Transport Day!

It's our favorite time of the month again. Welcoming all the pups and dogs coming into rescue. With some of the dogs brought in this month. We will call it the see something say something transport. If there is a dog in need report it immediately every second counts in saving a life. If there are people who have a dog they can no longer keep. Reach out to your local shelters or rescues. Do not just set your dog free. Again thank you so much Georgia family for acting promptly in giving these pups the vet care and all the love needed. To Animal Aid that makes this happen every 28 days. All the receiving rescues, fosters, volunteers and to all that donate to the dogs and pups. This couldn't happen without you. Once again we all Rock!   View Photos from Transport Day here

Transport Day!

The morning was a little brisk. Perfect weather for all the pups and dogs to land on Jersey soil. No more worries for any of these babies anymore. It's time to find them their forever homes. Homes where they will be loved forever and know nothing but happiness and security. Georgia Team you Rock! Day after day taking care of all these babies until their freedom ride arrives. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen every month. Now to show these babies some love and find them great homes. This team Rocks!   View Photos from Transport Day Here